Say Hello To The Artisanal Pizza!

Have you ever thought about eating pizza in a different version? What would cross your mind when talking about pizza? Probably Hawaiian chicken? Or pepperoni is it? Well, it's time to move on with that typical round pizza gaisss.

The reason is that Anchor Food Professionals has launched an exciting campaign called PizzArt with their partners to celebrate pizza in all its shape and sizes. Yeayy!! Whether you are a hard-core foodie or a discerning gourmand, these pizzaz gonna bring you to another level!

Here Comes The Artisanal Pizza by Anchor Food Professionals! What is artisanal pizza? Easy peasy. It's a pizza but doesn't look like a pizza, but it's still a pizza. This new pizza creation was conceptualized and created by Anchor Food Professionals' Hot Cooking Chefs as a way to help their partners create more excitement and variety in what they offer to their customers.

Using only the finest dairy products available, these artisanal pizzas are made with Anchor prod…

Hiking at Canada Hill Miri

Hiking has been one of my favorite outdoor activity for now. I've been longing to do this, I mean, spending time doing fun activity outside since forever cause back then I never had a chance to do so cause I don't really have much friends who enjoy this kind of stuff. Forever stuck in the house lol. It's a no no for me to go alone, hiking in the jungle without anyone. Penakut okay! I'm still an amateur, not yet an expert.

Dulu aku memang tersangatlah tak aktif dengan benda macam ni. But as I've grown up, I find this thing interesting and exciting, and addictive as well even though it is tiring. I love being surrounded by nature cause it gives me a little serenity!

I Challenge Myself Yippie Yeay!  Why did I say so? Sebabnya adalah aku ni seorang yang takut tinggi dan ada anxiety yang memang endless. Orang yang ada anxiety memang paham kot. Anxiety ni too much worry about something. So bila aku hiking, lots of thoughts ada dalam kepala. What if I fall? Kalau aku pij…

Simple Guide To Buying A House In Malaysia

Buying a house in Malaysia can be quite a daunting experience for first time buyers. The process of buying a new house in Malaysia can be as tedious as you can imagine because you do not know the procedure of buying a new house in Malaysia. This useful guide will go through the steps of buying new house in Malaysia.

Simple Guide To Buying A House In Malaysia 1. Invest in yourself  Many people missed out this very first step when it comes to buying a property, only to end up with regrets because they did not pay much attention to little details that could end up being so important. Take some time to do your research on the properties you are aiming at. You could also meet the property experts, property investors and home buyer to gain some knowledge from them or listen to their advice if you have any queries.

2. Know the average price.  If you are planning to buy a house in Kuala Lumpur, this important figure will give you an idea of how much you might be spending in buying a house. Th…

My FoxyFix Journal Dashboard

Haritu cakap pasal ketibaan The Foxy Baby kan. Sekarang saya dah decorate sikit-sikit journal tu. I will share part by part. Untuk yang bukan team planner addict ataupun journal addict, ataupun yang baru nak berjinak-jinak dengan dunia planner, mesti korang tertanya-tanya apa benda dashboard ni kan. 
Planner dashboard ni adalah muka surat pertama journal. Bagi saya dashboard ni one of the most important thing yang mesti ada dan mesti hias cantik-cantik. Sebabnya bila bukak planner atau journal, memang korang akan stumble upon that page first. Kena cantik baru semangat nak update buku. Barulah ter-inspired. Kalau poyo memang rasa macam tak berminat langsung nak dating dengan journal. Trust me. 

As you guys can see in the photo above, itulah dashboard saya. The first page ataupun the first thing to see bila buka journal. I love to keep it simple and minimalist! Tak suka meriah sangat sebab nampak macam serabut walaupun comel. Selalunya orang akan tempel macam-macam. But I like it this …

Resepi Ayam Buttermilk Mudah

Hai semua! Harini nak share resepi ayam buttermilk mudah yang memang tutup mata pun boleh buat. Bahan yang digunakan tak banyak. Tak sampai sepuluh pun.

Resepi Ayam Buttermilk Mudah

Bahan-bahan (kuantiti main agak je. tengok berapa banyak nak masak):• isi ayam (nak guna bahagian wing pun boleh. potong kecik)
• daun kari
• cili padi
• susu cair
• susu pekat
• telur kuning (optional)

Cara buat ayam buttermilk: Untuk penyediaan ayam, goreng ayam bersalut tepung kanji. Tak perlu celup telur. Kalau nak crispy boleh double fry.

Untuk penyediaan kuah, cairkan butter. Bila dah cair boleh campak daun kari dan cili padi yang dah siap dihiris halus. Agak-agak dah naik bau, tuang susu cair dan susu manis. Susu manis tak perlu banyak. Ikut citarasa.

Then masukkan gula dan garam. Gula tak perlu banyak jugak sebab dah guna susu manis. Guna api kecil kalau taknak rentung okay. Kalau kuah tak pekat, masukkan telur kuning then kacau selaju yang boleh supaya telur tak nampak ketul sangat.

Biasanya kalau saya …

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The Study of The Soul

The study of the soul. I bet everyone has the same wish as mine. Perhaps. If I were given a chance, I would love to further my study. Siapa tak suka belajar kan. Lagi-lagi orang yang ada curiosity terhadap macam-macam benda. They willing to learn.

If I could, I would. 

I would love to pursue my study in psychology. Walaupun masa diploma terjun dalam bidang hospitality, rasanya minat saya lebih kepada yang satu ni. Tak semestinya boleh belajar satu benda je kan. Tak salah rasanya nak terjun bidang lain kalau benda tu yang kita suka. Hehe.

Why psychology and what is psychology? 
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study such areas as human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes.

Serius saya minat gila dengan benda ni. Tak tahu kenapa but study about human being, our behaviour, our mind apa semua ni macam interesting gilak. I love observing people. I wan…