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Great news! Malaysia flower delivery gets an upgrade with A Better Florist. This Singapore-based online florist became successful for their fast and free same day flowers shipping. Despite the remarkable delivery speed, their talented florists still manage to create beautifully handcrafted flower arrangements that can impress anyone. It’s definitely a cost-effective and hassle-free way of buying bouquets and Hampers KL. Malaysians looking for quick and timely delivery that won’t ruin your surprise, A Better Florist is the best flowers delivery in Malaysia.

Array Collection Of Flowers Crafted By Talented Florists Thankfully, their signature products and services from florist Singapore are also available here in Malaysia. Their cute and charming baby hamper Singapore and premium flowers Singapore can be purchased from A Better Florist—Malaysia’s online shop. Their bestselling hand bouquets have been carefully selected and crafted by talented and experi…

Diari 2018 Yang Wow

Tahun 2017 dah hampir nak tamat. Tinggal berapa minggu saja lagi. Bersediakah anda untuk tahun 2018? Haa sebelum masuknya tahun baru, ada satu benda yang korang mesti ready. Ramai yang aku tengok dah beli diari untuk 2018. Ada jugak yang dapat diari percuma dari company tempat kerja kan. Bagi yang tak pernah ada diari atau jurnal, please know that it is somewhat an important thing to have. A must have I could say.

Kenapa mesti ada diari? Sebab manusia ni kan pelupa (ke aku sorang je yang pelupa eh?). Jadi bila ada diari, bolehlah catat benda penting atau apa-apa nota dalam tu. Ada banyak juga kegunaan diari ni sebenarnya. Itu aku akan share dalam next post okay.

Tak tahu nak guna diary apa? Ada banyak pilihan okay. Meh aku senaraikan antara diari  2018 yang sangat cantik, comel dan wow gitew. Nak yang mahal atau yang murah, yang gorgeous yang simple, semua itu terpulang kepada anda. 
Hobonichi Diary

Hobonichi ni comel sangat. Harga pun boleh tahan. Kalau yang weekly ada murah sikitlah…

ProductNation – The Latest Product Review Site Everyone Should Know

We are now living in a world where you can have everything sent to your home just by a simple click. In this modern digital era, online shopping is the best way to go. I love the concept of being able to shop without moving the feet but still able to browse as many products as we want just through the screen.

Online shopping has become the norm but the con of it is it left a feeling of confusion and doubt as you shop. Why? Because you will need to do the research and do some product comparisons so you won’t regret spending your bucks buying something you can’t touch first.

As for me, I barely go to the physical shop to buy beauty products because I know not everything is available in my town and it hards for me to find certain brands. Hence, I will always go to online stores where I can have a wide range of brands and items. Meaning to say, an important research needs to be done before purchasing. Guess what, I have stumbled upon this amazing ProductNation site recently while searchi…

11.11 Shopee Super Sale - Shop Til You Drop

Have you taken the spin yet? Good news to online shopaholic!

Shopee Malaysia has already start their crazy 11.11 super sale now.  Started from 1 to 11 November,  they are offering RM11 deals, daily giveaways, free shipping, the Spin to Win game and more. More than than 3000 brands are offering discounts up to 90% off and the Shopee Lowest Price Guarantee in effect. Means that if any buyer finds a lower price for the same item on another platform, Shopee will refund them 120% of the price difference.

Check out their website for more details!

Social Media Highlights

11.11 Shopee Sale Highlight

Campaign Highlights

Check out the rest on their website and get ready to shop til you drop!

5 Beauty Products That I Use Every Day

Everyone has their own beauty essentials and beauty routines. Ada yang suka guna mekap tebal, ada yang prefer simple, ada yang langsung tak guna apa-apa. Meaning to say that lain orang, lain cara dia berhias. Just in case you don't know this one fact about me, I'm not really into makeup thingy. I'm not the kind of girl who willing to spend one hour just to get my face done. If I had one hour to get ready, I will use maybe less than 10 minutes to ngesep (berhias) and use the left minutes to take a nap. I can go out with a naked face and it's not really a big deal to me --- cause yeah I'm kool liddat yo. :P

Container City Miri - A New Attraction In Town

Container City Miri - A New Attraction In Town It's a good news for everyone in town hoorayyy! We finally have another coolest place to hang out with friends and family. It's a place where you can get an array of foods - local and foreign dishes at one place while enjoying the nightlife environment in the city. Why did I say that? Simply because it is located at a strategic place and it's an easy access to everyone.
What Do They Have In Container City Miri?  There are 14 stalls serving more than 120 types of foods in this crowd. Yes, you read it right. If you are a foodie, you will surely be happy to know this. Apart from local foods, there are also Korean, Thai and Taiwanese cuisines and each of the stalls won't be selling similar foods as the seller has something different to offer to the patrons. You can find pretty much of foods in there such as burger, noodle, rice, snacks etc.

There is also a mini-game room where kids can play the latest PlayStation 4 (PS4) game…

Gotta Pick Myself Up Off The Ground

It's been a while. I'm not in a hiatus mood but more to losing my grip in life. It has been so tough lately. I don't even know where to start. There are lots of things going in and out of my mind and its a complete chaos in my head.

I lost interest in things that I love. I abandon my blog. I ditch away my journal. 
The worst thing is, I'm back to my old self; back to hell to be exact. I befriend my inner demon.
I let myself down, I care too much about things that bring nothing good to me, I get stressed, I cried a lot, I hurt myself and do all sort of things that ruin me. It just helpless cause being strong seems to be really hard for me. I still manage to live another day with the little strength that I have. 
Despite the bitterness, I'm glad that there is still a light of joy coming in through the little cracks of that broken wall; giving me the euphoric feelings. It's not much but at least it's better than nothing. 
I know I need to fix this. I need to …