My Clear Planner Setup

I am back to being a crazy little girl who adores notebook and stationary very much. The smell of paper, the pen, the handwriting, the stickers, the washi tapes, oh god I really miss it! I always love a planner made with thick leather that I even got myself a Boss Babe FoxyFix and Malden Personal Filofax. Ever since I join the planner addict community, I just know that a few materials have been used to make a precious notebook! Sadly I have to let go of the Boss Babe to the new owner just because it wasn't my planner peace.

Well, no matter how hard I want to leave the obsession, it will always come back. The trigger is everywhere. And just before I jump into conclusion to buy a new ring planner, I've pointed out the criteria of a new planner I shoulda bought so that no regret after purchasing. It's really a tough decision to be made though! 
Small & light. Yes, kriterianya adalah kecik dan ringan. I've been looking and scrolling through Instagram planner community …

The Fabric Of Life

I can hear my body is screaming and wanting to plop down into the comfy bed next to me but yes, I am being super resistance to it right now; not before I publish at least one entry. It took me two days to finish watching Defendant on Netflix and I just start reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck since last Tuesday. Currently stuck on page 24 yet it already gives me so many points to think about. I dare to say it's a good read for those whose life is currently an epic mess and trust me the book might help you with its magical spell. Well, allow me to share one of the quotes taken from the book which is absolutely my favourite for now.

"Pain is an inextricable thread in the fabric of life, and to tear it out is not only impossible but destructive: attempting to tear it out unravels everything else with it. To try to avoid pain is to give too many fucks about pain. In contrast, if you're able to not give a fuck about the pain, you become unstoppable." 
I just love…

Enchanted Light Wonderland 2019 in Miri

I had a chance to see the light festival yesterday. I didn't expect much of it but yeah, okay jugak lah even tak banyak lampu. Wish they crowd the place with more colourful lights and turn the whole Coco Cabana jadi super magical place!

The entrance fee is RM6 for adult and free for children below age --- tak ingat lah. Reasonable price lah I guess. Since jarang-jarang ada benda macam ni di Miri, so why not we enjoy it right? I also had fun taking videos just so I could upload it on my Youtube channel. Not a pro videographer so excuse my low-quality-random-content-shot video.

Yeay another video uploaded! Please enjoy watching walaupun tak meletops.

Where It All Began

The cousins read my blog post about Meeting His Family For The First Time and yeah, knowing they are looking forward to the sequel pretty much make me feel extra anxious. Lalu rasa mok simok ajak up next story. Hihi. Tapi aku tetap nak update part macam mana aku kenal N. It just for the sake of keeping some good memories to be read 20 years from now. Kononlah.

I used to make friends with strangers online. Mula start layan chatting masa zaman Yahoo Messenger dulu. Tapi gilalah banyak orang gila, banyak pervert. Yang sewel semua aku block terus. Then aku move on ke website penpal dan language exchange for the sake of healthy conversation. Syukur banyak orang waras. 
But then someone told me a heartbroken statement. What's the point of befriend with each other if one living on the other side of the planet? Yes salah aku sebab aku pi kawan dengan orang dari kutub utara. Okay kidding! Nak sangat kawan dengan orang dari negara lain kan. Hah. Disebabkan aku rasa useless dan pointless sa…

5 Things That Make Us Unique

Please don't cringe on the title. I was inspired to do this topic from a book called Thoughts & Reflections. Aku yakin bukan aku seorang je yang unik. Tapi semua orang. Semua manusia yang ada dalam dunia ni adalah unik dan special. Even bila kita cuba untuk blend dengan banyak orang, kita tetap lain dari yang lain. Ada banyak benda yang membezakan kita semua. Tak perlu try hard sangat untuk fit in sebab bila kita belajar untuk terima diri sendiri seadanya, untuk embrace our own uniquess, we will be able to stand out boldly among the crowd.

Unique means being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. Unique also means different from one another. So let's see what differentiate between me and you and everyone. Chinggg!

1. Pengalaman Tak ada satu orang pun yang pernah ada pengalaman sama. Walaupun kita pernah makan di tempat yang sama, pernah pergi ke tempat yang sama, kerja di tempat yang sama, pengalaman yang kita dapat semuanya lain-lain. What happens throughout you…

Meeting His Family For The First Time

It was seriously my first time ever. Sebelum ni pernah jumpa mak ex-boyfriend but it wasn't as epic as this one. Haah. I had been anxious the moment he invited me to his lil' bro's wedding — which was 2 - 3 months before the real day comes. Kau rasa? Tak senang duduk bila tetiba teringat benda ni. Tipulah kalau aku cakap aku tak bingung. Macam-macam benda ada dalam kepala. Sampai N cakap macam aku pulang nok mok kawen. Hohoho.

It supposed to be a secret tapi ...  This part memang lawak. Family N taktau pun dia tengah in relationship cause he has been single for a long time (dan saya adalah orang yang berjaya memecahkan rekod single beliau setelah sekian lama xD ). Kecuali salah sorang adik dia which girlfriend dia adalah kawan aku. So masa dorang tengah diskus pasal table and seat, N cakap dia bawak kawan. Dan dia bagi nama aku dengan spelling yang sangat obvious e-e-c-a. Maka bermulalah sesi never-ending curiosity. Right at that time pulak adik dia cakap kawan N tu kawan…

4 Current Problems That Drive Me Insane

4 Current Problems That Drive Me Insane.  Hi. I'm back after missing for a long time. Malas nak huha panjang sangat kenapa aku hilang dari radar. Cuma sekarang aku harap aku boleh istiqamah untuk update blog selalu. Tak janji tapi akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk rajin menaip. Konon mengalami writer's block padahal gago binge on Netflix gais.

So first entri untuk tahun 2019 ini adalah berkenaan dengan masalah yang aku tengah alami sekarang. Masalah ni aku percaya bukan aku sorang je ada tapi semua orang. Trust me. Without further ado, let's start with number one yang paling gila.

1. Masalah Keguguran Rambut Yang Dasat Siktauklah apa masalah tapi rambut aku makin hari makin menipis. Masa mandi dengan lepas mandi memang normal lah rambut tercabut banyak kan. Tapi masalah ni macam tak normal kalau jumlah rambut yang gugur tu over banyak. Seram tengok weh. Sampai aku google untuk cari fakta berapa banyak rambut atas kepala manusia. Aku takut rambut aku habis. :(

Sekarang aku cuba…